The Best Brains


Through C&G, our clients have access to a global network of highly experienced experts in disciplines ranging from from Agriculture Crop Protection to Zest Culinary Practices. We leverage a cadre of critical thinkers coupled with a band of design thinkers for a truly balanced “Total Brain” resource.

The hallmarks of this network are:

EXPERIENCE – ranging from a Chairman’s responsibilities to a chef’s culinary kitchen

EXPERTISE – from capital planning to hands-on store operations

EDUCATION – from the best business school MBAs to graduates of the school of hard knocks

Professional service companies also play a role in our network. C&G works closely with a select group of food manufacturing consultants, market research firms, human resource organizations, IT and accounting practices.

C&G works to develop and stimulate the “best brains” in our clients’ organizations, leading to long-term benefits, not just financially, but for a total organizational value.

Five lesson’s learned from the ROLLING STONES

  1. Choose the right name.
  2. Know what the market wants from you.
  3. Beg, borrow, and steal.
  4. Cut the anchor before it drags you down.
  5. Never stop reinventing.

by Rich Cohen