Exponential Growth and Enterprise Value


All enterprises must grow or perish.  Whether you are a CPG company, a private equity fund, a manufacturer, a supplier, a retailer or a restaurant company, you need to generate cash flow for enterprise value.

C&G works in a collaborative process with clients to guide the development of their Vision, Mission, Goals and Strategic Plans.

The C&G Process
  1. AAA: Analyze, Assess & Appraise
  2. Strategize: The senior team develops the plan
  3. Orchestrate: Organize around people
  4. Perform: Implement the plan
  5. Score: Measure, Measure, & Measure again

C&G looks at the income statement as a measure of Exponential Growth and the balance sheet for Enterprise Value.

Income Statement
  • Sales – Marvelous Marketing
  • Gross Margin “Magic” – Data & Analytics
  • Exceptional Expense Management – Lean Principles
Balance Sheet
  • Turn, Turn, Turn – Inventory
  • Financial Performance  – EVA
  • Capital Planning Process

Whether a CPG company, a private equity fund, a manufacturer, supplier or retail and restaurant companies, all enterprises must grow or perish. They all need to generate cash flow for Enterprise Value.

C&G is committed in a collaboratory process, to guide the development of a Vision, Mission, Goals and a Strategic Plan with the client’s people.

“What is the job to be done?”

– Clay Christensen

“Expansion is the root of growth.”

– Nature

“You do the math. You solve the problem. And then you solve another. And another. Solve enough and you stay alive.”

– The Martian